Commissioning & maintenance

Grotefeld Qualit├Ątskontrolle

GROTEFELD has made customer satisfaction its top priority. This is why it goes without saying that we can provide servicing and replacement parts for every piece of equipment we produce - even decades later down the line.

If you want us to, GROTEFELD can give you investment certainty and produce tools that serve you a whole life long. Technically perfected and of the highest quality, made in Germany.

Proper use and regular maintenance are the keys to ensuring a service life that ensures lasting satisfaction. Service excellence begins the moment we make the very first contact with our customers and, from then on, never ceases. This is a pledge that is made by every single member of staff. This is the basis for long-lasting trust.

We will be delighted to put together a servicing concept geared to your particular needs and give you every assistance you require when it comes to commissioning and regular service work.