1963 the company was founded as a turning plant. After a short period of time we designed and produced complete machinery for industrial usage. Since the early 1970th we concentrate in machining and machining components.

Sawing, drilling, milling and tracing we can offer you competence, know-how, quality and service - all from a single source.

Direct contact with leading machine manufacturers and end-users throughout the world has made us a recognized specialist and partner for trade and industry. Cutting is our job - for wood, plastics and aluminium. For several decades, we have designed, developed and built machining units for machines and CNC machining centres to the highest standards.

GROTEFELD units stand for top quality, precision and durability. They offer good value for money, making their use most appropriate. GROTEFELD can supply the right unit - functional, fully matured and without compromises - for every machining job.


Competence is the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and to act professionally, logically and responsibly. Every employee at GROTEFELD has this competence.
In all corporate processes, a highly specialized team of advisers, technicians, engineers and production workers ensures that the customers' requirements are optimally met.

GROTEFELD units are like Swiss clockwork: highly precise gear wheels with maximum durability.


All the various machining processes must be known precisely so that the different machining tasks, such as sawing, drilling, milling and tracing, can be optimally handled.
This knowledge of different branches and production processes, together with the ability to develop new approaches in collaboration with leading machine manufacturers and end-users, is essential in order to produce high-quality cutting units.
That is why using new manufacturing and engineering methods is just as much a part of GROTEFELD as the regular further training provided for our employees.

GROTEFELD units are intelligently designed and technically sophisticated.


A product's quality depends on its properties and capabilities. GROTEFELD consequently attaches top priority to ensuring the highest possible quality.
These quality standards are assured through conscientious engineering design and the use of proven technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and permanent quality controls in all manufacturing processes.
The precise functioning demanded by the market is permanently incorporated into all company processes. Quality requirements are documented and assured by our in-house inspection and test laboratory.

GROTEFELD units are high-quality products "Made in Germany".


Ensuring the satisfaction of its customers is GROTEFELD's prime objective. Maintenance and the supply of spare parts - even after decades - for all units which we produce are therefore a matter of course.
Service begins at the moment of making contact with the customer and continues without interruption. This is guaranteed by all our employees. A service that creates confidence.

GROTEFELD: Service from the very first moment.