Grotefeld Services & Solutions for your Production

  • Our Service: Commissioning & maintenance

    Our Service: Commissioning & maintenance

    GROTEFELD has made customer satisfaction its top priority. This is why it goes without saying that we can provide servicing and replacement parts for every piece of equipment we produce - even decades later down the line.

    If you want us to, GROTEFELD can give you investment certainty and produce tools that serve you a whole life long. Technically perfected and of the highest quality, made in Germany.

  • Our Service: Repair & replacement

    Our Service: Repair & replacement

    Should any repair become necessary, speed is often of the essence. It's imperative to minimise expensive downtimes and make sure normal operation is rapidly restored.

    GROTEFELD pursues a policy of quickly providing replacement parts and repairing your GROTEFELD tools. To maintain this promise, we make a special effort to keep a stock of key replacement parts and assemblies. Even for products that have been in use for over 20 years, our in-house manufacturing and assembly operation can guarantee the availability of all replacement parts.